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Boston Area Sexuality and Spirituality Network

The BASSN Mission

  • BASSN's mission is to foster a culture that nourishes, relishes and respects a variety of spiritual and sexual paths.
  • BASSN focuses on paths that integrate spirituality and sexuality.
  • BASSN recognizes that sexual experiences and explorations can be spiritual experiences and explorations.
  • BASSN accomplishes its mission through activities such as education, including experiential workshops, outreach, and community building.

Who We Are: A group of people in the Boston area interested in exploring connections between sexuality and spirituality. We welcome people of all spiritual paths, sexual orientations, and genders to be present in our group.  We share a desire to build community where integration of sex and spirit is possible -- where we may  reconnect with both our bodies and our spirits in a safe space.
What We Do: We hold meetings and workshops to learn, dialogue, and exchange resources. We work to create a safe space where we can learn from each other, share stories, and build community.  We have monthly meetings that explore particular topics. The upcoming schedule is below, and a summary of previous meetings is here.
Contact Us: If you are looking for information about our group that you can't find on this page, please email Linda, and she will be happy to help you.  To register for one of our events, click here.
Listserve: We have a listserve where our events are announced and which can be used for announcements relevant to the community. Click here to read list policies and to subscribe.
Our Book Corner has dozens of listings of books related to sexuality and spirituality.  We are seeking more recommendations and reviews.  We have links to many other web sites on this page. 
Beginning with the 2006-2007 season, we invite regular attendees to become a "subscriber" to BASSN programs. We have two levels of subscriptions:
  1. A "Season ticket"--which costs $100 and entitles you to attend as many programs as you wish--which could be all 14 of our 2006-2007 programs.
  2. A Special subscription which costs $40 and entitled you to attend 5 programs for the cost of 4.
In addition to the inherent benefit of supporting the continued sustainability of BASSN, and having a slight discount on program fees, subscribers also get first priority in registration for programs they wish to attend. Too, a subscriber does not need to send individual checks for each event s/he wishes to attend. All s/he needs to do is notify me of his/her desire to participate in a program, and s/he is automatically registered in accordance with the terms of his/her subscription.

If you wish to subscribe, send your check for $100 (season ticket) or $40 (special subscription--5 meetings) payable to BASSN to Linda Marks, 3 Central Ave, Newton, MA 02460. Include your e-mail and phone number with your check...and if there are programs you would like to participate in that you know now you would like to register for...include the names and dates of those programs.

Upcoming BASSN Events

Monthly meetings - 2008-2009

After 7 or so years of producing educational programs on what it means to integrate sexuality and spirituality, the core group has decided to take a hiatus.  This year, 2008-2009, we have decided not to produce a schedule of monthly programs, as we have in past years.  We are still considering offering special programs from time to time and possibly co-sponsoring events or programs with others.

Meanwhile, we are looking to change our focus from more of a program production organization to more of an information and networking hub for sex-spirit matters.  To this end, we plan to update the BASSN website more frequently and to include more resource information.

We are continuing to operate this community listserve as the vehicle for communicating about BASSN developments, and also a means of BASSN community members to share resources with one another.

Your comments, thoughts, and suggestions are invited and may be emailed to Linda.

bullet Summaries and materials from previous meetings.

redball Links to resources that may be of interest to the BASSN community.

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